I'm Kayla;pansexual,cis female, vegan. I am a self proclaimed sloth queen from England who spends the majority of her life squeeing over her girlfriend and eating lots of vegan convenience food like noodles and gravy. This blog consists of feminism, body positivity,privilege recognition; and pretty fancies like pigs, pictures of food and whiny personal posts to fill the spaces. If you have any (sensible) questions about veganism; don't be afraid to talk to me and I will help you out as much as I can. In the meantime check out my links page.  NSFW blog; and feel free to request me to tag any triggers if I do not already cover them x

We are absolutely fine we are very okay

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Afternoon tea with my girlfriend’s family and vegan scones yesssss man

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man speaks the truth

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I don’t get why there are more school shootings in America than the rest of the world combined and several children a week kill themselves in accidental shootings, yet the US thinks that its ok for just anybody to own a gun???? ??? 

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an awesome thing: when your hairline and the shine down your nose line up in a picture 

tomorrow’s gonna be rad im gonna be intoxicated from 1pm onwards 

and then 12pm onwards the next day 

life is sweet 


the two things frida kahlo hated most were white people and capitalism so I mean I’m not going to presume to speak for her but I find it hard to believe that she’d be down with you buying cameo-style earrings of her face from some riot!grrl etsy shop in order to earn feminist points

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there are all kinds of variations in brains and behaviors. that some of these differences are called illness while others are considered within the scope of normal is a socially constructed phenomenon which is not immune to influence by other cultural institutions and norms of the time. this goes not only for things that were once considered illnesses and aren’t anymore (homosexuality, hysteria, whatever) but for currently recognized illnesses as well

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