I'm Kayla;pansexual,cis female, vegan. I am a self proclaimed sloth queen from England who spends the majority of her life squeeing over her girlfriend and eating lots of vegan convenience food like noodles and gravy. This blog consists of feminism, body positivity,privilege recognition; and pretty fancies like pigs, pictures of food and whiny personal posts to fill the spaces. If you have any (sensible) questions about veganism; don't be afraid to talk to me and I will help you out as much as I can. In the meantime check out my links page.  NSFW blog; and feel free to request me to tag any triggers if I do not already cover them x

Little sis: “I’m not happy very much anymore”

Not you too not you too


It’s allowed to take me, I can deal with that

but no WAY am I letting it get a hold of you.

  1. themoonisastone said: That’s a horrible feeling; I’m sorry :(
  2. tarantinospankmyass said: i feel you my sister is going through the same i hate everything
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